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44.5 points on ES real-time update

44.5 points on ES real-time update

A few days ago I showed you the ES trade from Thursday May 2nd using the PPT Box that said to go long at 8:14am MST. That post is here http://blog.predictionpointtrading.com/254-points-in-1-trade/. Even at a market order, you’re nearly guaranteed a fill price of 1586.50 and at most being 2 ticks negative. We’ve reached a peak of 44.5 points from entry all the while giving no indication to get out and go short other than a quick 6 point scalp off the purple line as shown in the photo below.

In real-time we had a new Box form at 8:08am MST on Thursday May 09, 2013. It made an attempt to go short but no signal to sell was given – and therefore would have not exited the long position nor entered short.

Click photo to view larger.

The PPT Box is not yet available to the masses but you can get it pre-launch through this site. It is leased annually for $3,997. You can get it during our pre-launch period for $997 for your first year by clicking on the link below. You receive the PPT Box, installation instructions as well as application instructions (how it works / how to use it) and a private 1 on 1 session during the open market where we show you in real-time the best ways to use the PPT Box in a live market setting under actual conditions.

Questions may be submitted by clicking this link http://support.predictionpointtrading.com/anonymous_requests/new.

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