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The Method: Day in review

One of the most powerful attributes of the Prediction Point Trading Method is our expected high and low for each and every day. This gives us predictable measure we can not only rely on, but trade on. Any time we open between the Normal High and Normal Low, we call this a "bounce day". This suggests that we will most likely "bounce" between Prediction Point prices. And like clockwork, we "bounce" ...

Show Me The Money: LIVE Trade2!

The Prediction Point Trading Method is SUPER EASY, SUPER SIMPLE, SUPER SEXY and ANYONE can do it! This is the second trade on Thursday December 13, 2012 (technically this is the first since it happened shortly after market open:)) that shows how the Prediction Point MAP is used to confirm an entry. Prediction Point Trading Method subscribers get access to this MAP the day BEFORE the next tradi...

Show Me The Money: LIVE Trade!

The Prediction Point Trading Method is SUPER EASY, SUPER SIMPLE, SUPER SEXY and ANYONE can do it! This trade shows the breakdown from entry to exit using only 3 contracts to illustrate it's simplicity. Big contract traders... do the math. Each pic is illustrated showing exact entry and exit on a LIVE account for Thursday December 13, 2012. Click here to learn more or copy and paste this URL htt...

Did you make $10,000 today?

One Prediction Point Trading Method subscriber did!! $9,760.50 after commission. Check out the Prediction Point MAP. One of the many tools provided by Prediction Point Trading allowing you to trade with CONFIDENCE and WITHOUT emotion... the way trading should be! Click image to view larger.

The Prediction Point Trading Method: REVEALED!

Over the last 5 years I have had countless numbers of emails and conversations with traders wanting to learn the most effective ways to trade Prediction Points. What we believe to be the simplest, most efficient, reliable and profitable way to trade is now being made available. Visit the Prediction Point Trading Method page for details.


Check back here on Wednesday December 12, 2012 for details of the Prediction Point Trading Method!

COMING SOON!! The Prediction Point Trading Method

How would you like to know what each Prediction Point price level meant and what to do at that price? How advantageous would it be to know where the market is most likely to trade AND what direction? And what about knowing a specific target price of the daily expected high and low? This is hardly the beginning of the Prediction Point Trading Method. Get ready for an industry changing event. Stay t...

ELECTION DAY webinar!!

Join me after the close Tuesday November 6, 2012 at 4:30PM EST. Register now at Or click here.

How I use Prediction Points

I wanted to copy and paste an email I received today from a Prediction Point user who happens to manage a fund. This is what they said... "I manage a private family fund and just wanted to share some insight into how I use your incredible price levels. First of all you should understand that I do not use technicals nor do I use indicators - in the traditional sense. I think this industry is jad...

Broker spotlight: Arrowfield Trading LIVE webinar

Trading with Prediction Points Join us for a webinar on Oct 09, 2012 at 9:00 AM MDT. Register now! Arrowfield Trading presents an exciting event with Prediction Point Trading. Learn how Prediction Point Trading not only accurately predicted the markets reaction to the employment numbers on Friday October 5th 2012, but the exac...