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Portfolio Manager Indicator and Key Turns

As of February 28, 2013 I announced the release of two "indicators" (for lack of a better term) that we are making available that are so lucrative you have to see to believe. The first is our Key Turns. These are literal dates with predicted directions given that we expect the market to react accordingly. We predicted the rise on December 31, 2012 and the massive drops on February 20th and Febr...

More money… more Box trades

Here is a snapshot of one of our newest Box traders. Not bad!! 4 trades... 4 winners... $612.50 before commissions. Not back for a beginner!! Click photo to view larger.

Box trades on CL

Here is a real time snapshot of CL Box trades! CL will is available NOW for the PPT Box. You can get your hands on the PPT Box right NOW and get $3,000 OFF the ANNUAL $3,997 lease price of your first year THIS MONTH ONLY. Click here https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=LB3NLBSP9JEBQ. The PPT Box can be used on virtually ANY market. Prediction Points and Method pr...

The Box

This video explains how simple the PPT Box is and shows a live trade in action. ANYONE can do this!!!

Heads up Method traders…

Take a look at our OBOS rating. We're at a key level which means we should "expect" a continuation and potentially reaching our lower levels for tomorrow (which are now posted in the members area). We would then expect a hard reversal up from there. Will be posting todays Box trades in a bit... stay tuned.

BOX Trades from today

Here is a snapshot of todays PPT Box trades. 8 winners. ZERO losers. Worth a MAX of $850.00 per contract. This will be available to the public within the next 2-4 weeks. Contact support if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on this highly profitable indicator. Click photo to view larger. I don't talk too much about the Russell 2000 Mini (TF) as it is not my preferred marke...

Too much money to count!

Since the release of the Prediction Point Trading Method http://method.predictionpointtrading.com/ I have had very little time to keep up on showing you what you're missing out on. READERS... time to put aside your pride and give it some serious thought to join us (if you haven't already). You should be making a killing EVERY DAY in the market, and if you're not you're simply cutting yourself shor...

Free-B and MORE MONEY!

Early this morning, 1:41 AM to be exact, I sent a "Free-B" in the form of a Tweet about a Prediction Point price at 1476.75 that I mentioned to keep an eye on through the open of the RTH (Regular Trading Hours). Check out the photo below to find out why! Click photo to view larger. I had a question come in about the PPT Box and if it ever experienced losing trades. As much as I would like...

SNEAK PEAK: Part II – a quick $G

Here is a live trade taken earlier this morning off of the PPT Box. A quick $1,000 as the RTH is getting started. Financial statement included. See below. This indicator will be released soon! Stay tuned for more details. Click photo to view larger. Click photo to view larger.


I would venture to say that 99% of all traders, no matter what type of trading discipline they practice use some type of indicator. If I'm not mistaken, something like 95-97% of traders fail! Why is that? I think "mainstream" would argue discipline and controlling emotions is to blame. I mean heck! Dozens of books have been written about the psychology of trading and that "if you just keep focused...