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Prediction Points NOW available on NinjaTrader 7!

If you use NinjaTrader 7 you must try out Prediction Points! You can back test these price levels all the way back to the ESZ11 contract! Some Prediction Point users report as much as 100 points profit each week using these price levels alone!! Subscribe now by clicking here or copy and paste this URL http://predictionpointtrading.com/agreement.html into your browser. Enter code "NINJA" (all capit...

Check out the NEW site changes!

Prediction Point Trading has now partnered with several industry leaders in the fields of software and brokerages. Check out the new PARTNERS tab by visiting www.predictionpointtrading.com. While your there be sure to visit the new PRODUCTS page!!


I've had a handful of people ask about my silence over these last several weeks. The answer is that I've been on lock down in finalizing one of the most powerful trading tools ever created. If you are not yet a part of my test group and you currently trade the ES, TF, DX, YM, or NQ, then you MUST contact me ASAP either through this blog site or by clicking here. Anyone reading this is invited ...


First test group full. Second being established. Visit http://support.predictionpointtrading.com/home and submit a request form to be part of the second group, or click here. This is FREE to participate. This is for ES, TF, NQ, YM and DX traders!!