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Memorial Day In Review

Check out how Prediction Points reacted to the short RTH session we had today here (or copy and paste this URL into your browser http://www.screencast.com/t/pgryEEPs). Keep in mind that Prediction Point subscribers had these exact price levels last Saturday May 26, 2012. Did you know that I have ALL of the Prediction Point numbers into the future for each contract? I know what they will be tomorro...

MToD/DIR – The Power of REDLINES

I often get asked about the significance between the two types of numbers that I calculate; what their significance is and in what ways do they differ. The best ways that this can be described and explained in detail is by an actual review of a day in the market. Click here and take a look at this snapshot from today (or copy and paste this URL http://www.screencast.com/t/2WezKJo9shVd). REDLINE...

Day In Review

I often get asked the methodology or process by which Prediction Points were created. The actual method itself is kept secret, but I can best explain it this way. In the game of chess there are 1x10^120 possible moves. (That's a 1 with 120 zeros after it) No computer let alone an individual person is ever going to calculate all possibilities. So what a computer does instead is generate the boar...