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The Prediction Point Trading Method

Imagine having a trading plan that NEVER changes... How would that be to know that on any given day regardless of the day, your approach is the same? This is what the Prediction Point Trading Method is all about. Because our approach doesn't change, the methodology you will learn quite possibly could be the simplest way to approach the market, hands down. No lagging indicators to fumble over to...

MToD (Money Trade of the Day)

If you trade the S&P 500 eMinis and you are not using Prediction Points, you need to put aside your pride for a moment and give them a try. Todays Non-Farm and Unemployment Rate were unreal! How would you like to have had price points near the high and low of the total movement before it even happened? Prediction Point subscribers did! Take a look at this or copy and paste this URL http://www.scre...