Free-B and MORE MONEY!

Free-B and MORE MONEY!

Early this morning, 1:41 AM to be exact, I sent a “Free-B” in the form of a Tweet about a Prediction Point price at 1476.75 that I mentioned to keep an eye on through the open of the RTH (Regular Trading Hours). Check out the photo below to find out why!

Click photo to view larger.

I had a question come in about the PPT Box and if it ever experienced losing trades. As much as I would like to say no, this indicator is not perfect… BUT it’s as close to perfect as you’ll ever get. Check out today’s box trades in the photo below. I would count the number of points you could have made today, but there is just too much money to count it would take me the rest of my life… ha! Hard to be humble when you’re so good 🙂

Click on photo to view larger.

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