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Fund Managers: PPT Summation Index for AAPL

Fund Managers: PPT Summation Index for AAPL

The chart below shows AAPL and the PPT Summation Index results for the period of April 1st through April 17, 2013.

The PPT Summation Index just ended a long streak of shorting AAPL back on October 2nd, 2012. It NEVER gave an exit signal to get out of the short until April 1st, 2013. In contrast, the McClellan Summation Index was manic (red and green and red and green, and so on) throughout the entire down period. The PPT Summation Index then gave 7 straight days of green from the close of April 1st through the close of April 10th (hence – go long) to pull out with profit and then go short on April 11th with a fill price of 435.69.

Lines on the chart illustrate live trades taken using the PPT Summation Index with recent entries and exits backed up by the text message screenshots you see to the right.

Names and specific parts of the conversation have been blurred out for privacy and to comply with regulation.

As of April 17, 2013, the PPT Summation Index is not yet available to the public but will be shortly. We can run this data on ANY market.

The PPT Summation Index will be limited to fund managers and other HNI’s with a limited number of subscribers. Contact support here to get on the list.

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