How I use Prediction Points

How I use Prediction Points

I wanted to copy and paste an email I received today from a Prediction Point user who happens to manage a fund. This is what they said…

“I manage a private family fund and just wanted to share some insight into how I use your incredible price levels. First of all you should understand that I do not use technicals nor do I use indicators – in the traditional sense. I think this industry is jaded with all of the technical crap that gets peddled these days. I think it’s unfortunate that most traders simply cannot grasp the reality that it is impossible to properly manage risk with lagging indicators – you simply can’t do it. I am a directional trader that will hold onto my trades anywhere from 1 day to 1 month pending the strength of the trend I follow. I’m not a buy/sell, buy/sell, buy/sell all day long type of trader. What I like to do is add to my position. I simply wait for pull backs and buy on the rebound (the reverse is true if I’m bias short). Your Prediction Point price levels allow me to do this far better than I have in the 15 years I have managed this fund – even though I have produced high returns each year in this time frame. They provide the highest probable entries for my positions. So just a quick thanks and keep them coming… BTW… perhaps you could show a screenshot of todays Globex movement. Specifically the 1397.25, 1396.25, 1393.25 and back up to the 1407.75 price levels. These are exactly to what I refer to. And lastly, my immediate term outlook is up. Although I am proceeding with extreme caution in light of Hurricane Sandy and it’s potential impact on the markets when they open.”

Pretty cool if you ask me! Just shows another incredible use of Prediction Points. I went ahead and created a snapshot of todays Globex movement per the request. You can view it by clicking here. Or copy and paste this URL into your browser

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