I’ve had a handful of people ask about my silence over these last several weeks. The answer is that I’ve been on lock down in finalizing one of the most powerful trading tools ever created. If you are not yet a part of my test group and you currently trade the ES, TF, DX, YM, or NQ, then you MUST contact me ASAP either through this blog site or by clicking here.

Anyone reading this is invited to use and test drive a new product developed from a highly profitable HFT program. This product is fully completed, fully functional, ready to use and FREE during this test phase.

It is 2012 and high time a tool like this becomes available to traders. This is a product that was developed by traders, for traders. It is something that you will quickly see every trader should be using.

On a separate note, take a look at todays market reaction to Prediction Points. Click here or copy and paste this URL

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