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LAST trading day of the year!

LAST trading day of the year!

Today was the last trading day of the year… naturally. But you have to take a look at how beautifully it played out with Prediction Point Trading Method tools. The below photo shows the Prediction Point MAP focusing on the timing of market cycles as depicted in the photos illustrations. Knowing WHEN the market is expected to make turns is priceless and not only can save traders from losing trades but can assist in making fortunes! If that’s not enough the Prediction Point Overbought / Oversold Rating fell WELL BELOW 20, which is our key level in determining if a market is oversold. And boy was it ever! With these tools you’d think we’re the “wizard” behind the curtain controlling this thing!

Click photo to view larger.

TUESDAY JANUARY 1st 2013 is THE LAST DAY you can take advantage of our $2,000 (TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS) discount off the enrollment price of the Prediction Point Trading Method!

To learn more about the Method, visit our Method page found here.

Be sure to enter code: method upon checkout.

For more subscription options, visit our subscribe page here.

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