LIVE trade posted

LIVE trade posted

A few days ago I sent out an email and in fact created a video talking about using the PPT Box on a 314 Tick chart on the YM. One of our Box traders took us up on the suggestion and has had a KILLER week. This is 1 of MANY trades he not only made today but this week. He had 1 loser this week and lost count of how many winning trades he made. Most trades equating to several hundred dollars on only a couple of contracts.

He wrote, “I shorted 3 contracts at PPTBox 15222 then bailed 2 of them at first profit level 15208 then rode the other contract to 15153 profit level”.

Here is how this LIVE trade played out.

Here is the entry and first fill

Click photo to view larger.

Here is the exit on the last contract

Click photo to view larger.

It can’t get any easier than that!

This email also came in this morning from one of our Box traders less than an hour into the trading day.

“This morning May 31 I traded the YM 314 and ES 612 tick charts using the PPTBoxSL and I am pleased as can be. Both were winners and now i’m taking the rest of the day off to do other things. Thank you Prediction Point Trading!.”

This is just too easy. Subscribe today and get $3,000 OFF your first years lease of this insane tool! Watch the YouTube video and see how ridiculous this really is.

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