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MToD (Money Trade of the Day)

MToD (Money Trade of the Day)

The application of Prediction Points is seemingly limitless. There was a Prediction Point at 1347.50 which one trend trader took long and held for more than 10 points calling it a day. Whether you are a trend trader, swing trader, scalper, fundamental analyst, technical analyst, or anything else for that matter; Prediction Points can give you such an incredible edge in your trading allowing for unreal accuracy in your entries and exits.

Take a look at the drop at 9:41am Chicago time off the 1361.50 Prediction Point and then at 10:34am Chicago time off the 1363.00 Prediction Point. It’s simply not possible to get a more accurate FILLABLE projection.

To quickly learn how Prediction Points can work in conjunction with your own trading strategies, regardless of what type of trader you are, take a look at the video here (or copy and paste this URL http://predictionpointtrading.com/uses.html) and test them out for yourself.

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