Non-Farm and Unemployment Rate Oct. 05, 2012

I often get asked if Prediction Points can be used from a fundamental aspect. The answer is always the same. Check out todays Non-Farm Employment Change and Unemployment Rate reaction to Prediction Points. Click here or copy and paste this URL

MToD (Money Trade of the Day)

Here is todays after market analysis. Click here or copy and paste this URL Today was beautiful!! But then again, what day isn't with Prediction Points :)

What is Market View?

The most unique trading tool ever created! Click here or copy and paste this URL

NOW AVAILABLE on Russell 2000 (TF)

Prediction Points were originally created back in 2007 on the Russell 2000 Mini. Now more than 5 years later they are back and more powerful than ever! Check out todays market movement with Prediction Points. Click here or copy and paste this URL to your browser Subscribe to Prediction Points today! Go here or copy and paste this URL to your browser http:...

MToD (Money Trade of the Day)

I often get asked what makes Prediction Points so unique. In addition to the way they are formulated (video to be released soon that explains this phenomenon), Prediction Points raw nature are to pick up the gyrations, or in other words the ups and downs of the market. They show where these key levels are that the market will react to. Today is a perfect illustration of this. Click here or copy an...

MToD (Money Trade of the Day)

Even on days where the market seems DEAD and just doesn't want to do anything can serious profits be had by using Prediction Points! Relatively speaking Prediction Points caught ALL of what was available in todays movement (or should I say lack thereof). Take a look at this (or copy and paste this URL into your browser

What do you think?

E-mini S&P 500: Friday August 03, 2012 had just shy of a million less contracts than Thursdays volume with a higher high and diverging to the downside. Sustainable rally or fall apart? What do you traders think?

FOMC reaction to Prediction Points… INSANE!!

Yesterday (Tuesday July 31, 2012) approximately 20 minutes after market close I sent a message out to all major social media outlets to get ready for today because we would see some big movement. A few minutes after that I uploaded Prediction Point numbers for today (Wednesday August 01, 2012) showing the EXACT price levels the market would react to. Take a look at the result of today's FOMC state...

Prediction Points NOW available on NinjaTrader 7!

If you use NinjaTrader 7 you must try out Prediction Points! You can back test these price levels all the way back to the ESZ11 contract! Some Prediction Point users report as much as 100 points profit each week using these price levels alone!! Subscribe now by clicking here or copy and paste this URL into your browser. Enter code "NINJA" (all capit...

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Prediction Point Trading has now partnered with several industry leaders in the fields of software and brokerages. Check out the new PARTNERS tab by visiting While your there be sure to visit the new PRODUCTS page!!