MToD (Money Trade of the Day)

Is it possible there would be a day that had ZERO opportunity using Prediction Points? Not in 5 years and I'll be the first to tell you when that happens. Today you should woulda coulda been done trading with incredible profits using price levels given to Prediction Point subscribers LAST FRIDAY within the first 90 minutes!! Check this out (or copy and paste this URL

MToD (Money Trade of the Day)

The application of Prediction Points is seemingly limitless. There was a Prediction Point at 1347.50 which one trend trader took long and held for more than 10 points calling it a day. Whether you are a trend trader, swing trader, scalper, fundamental analyst, technical analyst, or anything else for that matter; Prediction Points can give you such an incredible edge in your trading allowing for un...

MToD (Money Trade of the Day)

The short off the 1362.75 Prediction Point was MONEY!! Worth a few tics shy of 20 tics (10 points) HOD was 1363.00. Can't beat that FILLABLE price!!

MToD (Money Trade of the Day)

LOD 1339.25... Prediction Point 1338.75. Run up to the HOD 1360.75... Prediction Point 1360.25... Not bad!!

MToD/DIR – The Power of REDLINES

I often get asked about the significance between the two types of numbers that I calculate; what their significance is and in what ways do they differ. The best ways that this can be described and explained in detail is by an actual review of a day in the market. Click here and take a look at this snapshot from today (or copy and paste this URL REDLINE...

MToD (Money Trade of the Day)

If you trade the S&P 500 eMinis and you are not using Prediction Points, you need to put aside your pride for a moment and give them a try. Todays Non-Farm and Unemployment Rate were unreal! How would you like to have had price points near the high and low of the total movement before it even happened? Prediction Point subscribers did! Take a look at this or copy and paste this URL http://www.scre...

Live Market

An ounce of confidence and a Prediction Point at 1394.50 for a nice short at open gave you a nice run down to the next Prediction Point at 1388.75. Missed it by two tics! My numbers aren't 100%... they're closer to 99%... I try :)

MToD (Wrap up)

Sure enough the 1391.75 Prediction Point held. However, the 1411.00 Prediction Point did a nice job of holding the HOD for a nice 11 point drop! Wednesday will be yet another highly profitable day in the market!

MToD (Money Trade of the Day)

Still 2 hours to go until market close. But I'm gonna have to say the long off the 1391.75 Prediction Point at the time of the ISM release is gonna hold the cake as the MToD!! Worth a fat 80 ticks (or 20 points)... so far.

Day In Review

I often get asked the methodology or process by which Prediction Points were created. The actual method itself is kept secret, but I can best explain it this way. In the game of chess there are 1x10^120 possible moves. (That's a 1 with 120 zeros after it) No computer let alone an individual person is ever going to calculate all possibilities. So what a computer does instead is generate the boar...