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Quick $1,750 on TF – WATCH video

Quick $1,750 on TF – WATCH video

This video is a trade I recorded early this morning showing how SIMPLE the Box is to use. This is a trade off the Russell 2000 Mini (TF). This is too EASY. A Box forms, we wait for an arrow and then trade in that direction. We try to get as close to the bottom of the Box (for shorts) or top of the Box (for longs) as possible – as soon as the arrow appears. Our protective stops are placed at the opposite extremes of the Box. And profit targets are clearly marked by the dotted lines – THAT’S IT!

One of our Box traders took EVERY trade on the 1224 today. He won EVERY trade but 1 and stopped trading approx. 45 minutes before closing bell. I cannot report how much he made as it is too unrealistic for most people. But let’s just say he’s not a 1 or 2 contract trader.

Here’s the chart…

Click photo to view larger

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