REVERSAL price = priceless

REVERSAL price = priceless

I have recently talked about the REVERSAL price being a number that only gets hit 2-3 times each month. In fact I mention it in the most recent training video released last week found here. A private group of traders paid a fortune each month for this single price alone. Well, Wednesday December 26, 2012 was one of those days. We nailed it less a tick and it ran for 9 points. This equates to $450 per contract!

Dare I mention we were at our Normal High / Max High at market open. Even if you haven’t subscribed yet to the Method but have read my posts, you know what the move is… SHORT the crap out of it! And TEAM PPT did just that.

Check out Wednesday December 26th’s trading session and the markets reaction to the REVERSAL price! It alone is worth the price of enrollment. Begin today and realize profits you always knew were possible!

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To learn more about the Prediction Point Trading Method, visit our Method page found here.

As of today… there are 6 days left to take advantage of the $2,000 discount off the enrollment price!

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