The Method: Day in review

The Method: Day in review

One of the most powerful attributes of the Prediction Point Trading Method is our expected high and low for each and every day. This gives us predictable measure we can not only rely on, but trade on. Any time we open between the Normal High and Normal Low, we call this a “bounce day”. This suggests that we will most likely “bounce” between Prediction Point prices. And like clockwork, we “bounce” accordingly.

This picture shows the first 5 hours of the RTH (Regular Trading Hours) on Friday December 14, 2012. Prediction Point Method subscribers get this information Thursday! This allows them plenty of time to plan their trades in advance and take advantage of the most likely trade set ups that WILL inevitably happen. All that is required for a trader is that they “show up”. It becomes extremely difficult to lose money when using the Prediction Point Trading Method!

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