Webinar and FREE trial

Webinar and FREE trial

If you missed the LIVE webinar on the PPTBox you can view it here. Send me an email and see for yourself the fortunes our traders are raking in on a daily basis! Don’t take my word for it. Try it out for yourself for FREE! Trial offer ends soon and pricing will go up in a matter of days with the launch of the new site that will contain financial tools for money managers, day traders, position traders to traders just starting out.

Take a look at this Box trade short from this morning. Runs 10 POINTS to the Prediction Point at 1685.00!! Should have been a 4-5-figure day for you!!

Or just buy the dang thing. $3,997 annual lease is $997/yr. locked in for a limited time! If you don’t make that daily, you’re doing something wrong!!

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